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Soft &


12-15 hours
of protection


& sustainable


No more rashes!




Reusable for
3 years


Designed in France


Engineered in Germany


Made in India


Diksha Kamalia
28 years, Raipur

Softest thing ever!
Okay, I have to share this, imagine the softest thing you've ever felt—now imagine wearing it. That's Naarica for you. And somehow, magically, you stay completely dry throughout the day. I used to hate my period, but now I'm like, 'Bring it on!' Naarica has literally changed the game for me. If you're on the fence about trying them, consider this your sign. Welcome to the period revolution, you're going to love it here!

Bhavika Parasrampuria
20 years, Nashik

I can wear white on my periods!
I used to avoid my favourite white jeans during 'that time of the month,' but Naarica changed all that. Their period underwear is a game-changer, seriously. I can actually wear white without worrying about leaks, thanks to the amazing leak-proof technology. Period days no longer control my outfit choices, and it's pretty empowering!

Shifa Afzal
23 years, Bangalore

The softest period underwear ever!
My periods have been so much better after I’ve switched to Naarica. No more rashes and itchiness, just soft and safe periods. Absolutely underrated. I wish everyone could know how amazing this product is! I love it! 💜

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Frequently asked questions

All you need to do is wear our period-underwear like you would wear any other underwear on a regular day.

You do not have to wear any pad or tampon or menstrual cup along with the underwear. The technical layers inserted within the undergarments will work as an absorbent to soak up blood/pee that the pad originally would.

No, a diaper is a bulkier product made up of plastic usually that you wear for a certain period of time and then dispose after use for a few hours. Period underwear on the other hand is a reusable product that you wear throughout the day and throw for wash at the end of the day.

Period underwear in general can absorb anywhere more than 1 pad worth of blood. Our Naarica underwears absorb up to 4 pads/tampons worth of blood to make you feel dry and fresh.

No, the top layer of the period underwear is made up of a wicking layer and anti-bacterial absorbent layer that will soak up the blood instantly to make you feel dry.

Well, this completely depends on your flow. But women tend to decide to change as and when they feel like it. The most common pattern is 1 change during the day. For eg. If you wore period underwear in the morning after shower, you can change it in the evening after 12 hours of wearing it.

No, your period underwear is reusable for up to 100 washes = 3 years (which is as long as a regular underwear)