Our Mission

You and I, together
will make India #PeriofPoverty-Free

With every purchase you make,

we provide menstrual literacy & products to those in need.


Wisdom High International School,
Nashik, Maharashtra

February 18th, 2023


Distribution of Care

It begins with giving. In our capacity as a brand, we distribute reusable sanitary napkins & underwear to those who struggle to meet their basic needs. Among them are young children, elderly women, soon-to-be mothers and new mother who help us run our household and assist with our public services on a daily basis.


Literacy Campaigns

Educating the community about bodily functions and how to care for one another is an imperative part of improving the quality of life in the community. Through literacy campaigns across the country, we aim to better the lives and needs of those without access. We have successfully impacted the lives of over 3,000 women in 2023 already.


Saving the Environment

With reusable period products, we can reduce waste by more than 1.2Kgs per woman per year and provide healthier solutions for period care. The good life without plastic, the rash-free life, the sustainable life. The organic life – we have it all.

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Bringing you products that take care of you,
the environment and the future with

Good working conditions for all

Equal and fair pay for women

Local production to minimise CO2

Care for those who care for you


How can you take part?

Start at home.

We are all grateful of our Aunty, Dide, Moushi (or whatever you call the power women) who care for us. While we promise to treat them with respect and advocate the movement by encouraging those around us, Naarica loves to take it to the next level.

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Inform them about #NaariForNaari by sharing some interesting reads about period underwear. You can also give them a trial pack as a gift, maybe for your mother or grandmother to help her out with her bladder care. It it’s a gift, we’ll take 10% off!

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