Our Story

The Birth of नारिका


Naarica is a dream project that sparked in 2021 out of a conversation between a group of women from 4 different nationalities sitting by the banks of Seine (Paris) discussing how they can reduce their period waste and switch to something sustainable and healthy.

With conversations around menstruation and occasional bladder leaks due to stress incontinence so common in today’s age, came up the Aha Moment! – Underwear that could soak period and pee.

At the age of 25, while living in France and working in the circular economy field, ♥️ Shruti took the initiative to bring about a change. She and those around her were frustrated with rashes and infections due to existing solutions and the negative environmental impacts during periods.

Having always been enthusiastic about the women’s tech ecosystem, she decided to embark on a mission to help 🩸 menstruators live a healthier life for both themselves and their environment.🌏