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Truly #NaariforNaari

Period Underwear Brand Led by Women in India

Eco-friendly alternatives to pads

Underwear that absorbs period blood, pee and more!

Say bye 👋🏼 to Sanitary Pads forever with no rashes, leaks and restless nights! Our period panty makes your period day safer due to our anti-microbial treatment and technology that soaks upto 6X times pads. Biodegradable bamboo used in our products wick all discharge away to keep you dry and healthy! Wear for 12-15 hours. Wash in 2 minutes. Repeat for 3 years 💛

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Not an Ordinary Period Underwear

What do we mean
by Incontinence?

An uncomfortable problem affecting many people is losing bladder control. The severity varies from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having a sudden and strong urge to urinate.

You can go through your day without worrying about bladder leaks, heavy discharge spoiling your pants or any other problems thanks to Naarica underwear, which absorbs all bodily fluids that women experience during pregnancy, postpartum, at old age, and due to other health issues.

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Period & bladder care for all.

Bhavika18 Years Old

I was very apprehensive about switching from pads, but this is a life changer! All the problems with pads have disappeared. No more rashes, redness, just as absorbent as pads but less bulkier, glad I switched.

Ruchi46 Years Old

Ordered XL and it fit perfectly, felt like regular underwear but absorbed and cleaning was an easy process as I thought that would be the challenge. I forget I am wearing anything for periods now because I am wearing my period panties.

Urmila75 Years Old

Soft and suitable for everyday use. I tried the light flow to help with my weak bladder control as I am 75. I wear it during travel and when I go out to be tension free.

Mili26 Years Old

It changed my life. I never believed when I saw this, my friend told me about this company and told me it works. I ordered one first and then 2 more for periods. I will soon buy more.

Priya24 Years Old

Tried the night version and it works well. I still use pads in day and wear overnight for comfortable sleep and wash in the morning and use again at night. Will try day version next time.

Tanvi26 Years Old

I got 3 psc pack last week and use Naarica for travel as it is difficult to sterilise my cup. I travel a lot for work and used Naarica for my last trip and it works very easily.

Ritu42 Years Old

Still can’t believe this works, when my cousin from US told me about this and it changed her life I tried too. Very easy to use and maintain, I recommend. Sizing OK.

How does it soak period blood?

Providing you with a comfortable and secure fit, our period panties can absorb up to 6 pads worth of period blood and discharge. As an extra layer of protection, our period panties have an antimicrobial coating that keeps you protected from any infections.

Moisture Wicking Layer

The first layer (gusset) has wicking qualities to absorb your period blood, pee or sweat. It is an engineered bamboo fabric layer with wicking properties to ensure any liquid is quickly absorbed from the surface of the underwear to make you feel dry.

Absorbent Layer

The second layer is a technical microfiber layer designed to absorb and retain moisture and liquid. This layer collects all the liquid that is drawn by the moisture wicking layer and stores it within itself. Naarica’s absorbent layer is specifically designed to hold liquid without losing its shape and size.

Leak-barrier Layer

The leak-proof layer is a poly-fabric that does not allow liquid to leak out of the absorbent layer. It retains all the blood and pee within the underwear to ensure no leakage on the outside.

Body Fabric Layer

This is the regular undergarment fabric that you can see from the outside that feels soft and dry at all times. The bamboo fabric used for the body is ultra soft to ensure comfort and thin to give the look and feel of a regular underwear.

Keeping You Safe

Reusable, Sustainable
& Long Lasting

Suitable for
Indian Body-Type

Saving the Planet
(Sustainable Development Goals)

Soft & Natural Fabric

Saving Water

No Plastic on
Your Skin

Bye Bye

How to use our period underwear?

When it’s full or when you’re done using it for the day, simply rinse with cold water
Throw into the washing machine or if you prefer it, wash with your hands
Let it hang to dry anywhere around the house or outdoors and it’s ready to resuse!

Leak-proof. Sustainable. Revolutionary.

Leak-proof. Sustainable. Revolutionary.

Leak-proof. Sustainable. Revolutionary.

Leak-proof. Sustainable. Revolutionary.

Leak-proof. Sustainable. Revolutionary.

For Naaris by Naaris!

For Naaris by Naaris!

For Naaris by Naaris!

For Naaris by Naaris!

For Naaris by Naaris!

Frequently asked questions

How do I place the product on my body?

You don’t need to place the product on your body, all you need to do is wear our period-underwear like you would wear any other underwear on a regular day.

Should I wear a pad along with the underwear?

You do not have to wear any pad or tampon or menstrual cup along with the underwear. The technical layers inserted within the undergarments will work as an absorbent to soak up blood/pee that the pad originally would.

Is period underwear the same as adult diapers?

No, a diaper is a bulkier product made up of plastic usually that you wear for a certain period of time and then dispose after use for a few hours. Period underwear on the other hand is a reusable product that you wear throughout the day and throw for wash at the end of the day.

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