Returns and Exchange

We would love to serve you without any hiccup! Want to be sure if you will be able to return or exchange our products in case you face problems? Yes, you can!*

If you are unhappy with the product, we would like to know why! Please contact us to let us know more.

As for the policy, here are the details:

1. Returns:

- We are happy to accept returns if you find a technical fault with the product.

- We accept returns if you get the product in the wrong size or variant vs what you have ordered.

- If the product and size you have received is the correct one, we do not accept returns in normal cases because we can not accept used underwear. Since there is no way to verify if you have opened and tried the underwear, we want to be fair to other naaris.

Money Back guarantee
That's right! We're confident you'll love the softness of Naarica's smart period underwear. But if, for any reason, you find softer underwear, we'll happily refund your entire purchase price. Just show us proof of the comparison with the other brand.

2. Exchange:

- We exchange the product with you if you have received the wrong size by initiating the exchange request and the cost is borne by us fully.

- We exchange the quantities if there is a delay in the delivery over 15 days, understanding that your needs might have evolved.

- We fully process exchanges in cases where the entire package is unopened and you have changed your mind. In this case, the e-commerce box along with the shipping label should be intact to ensure that the product is not used/tried.

Let's us know if we can help you with anything else by writing to us on